We don’t believe in sitting around “waiting for the miracle to happen.”  We believe in being active participants in our own spiritual experience.  The REAL “miracle of AA” is that through a mysterious and wonderful Grace, we alcoholics become eagerly ready to experience the gifts of recovery through a program of ACTION.  This collection of material, and our presentation of it, has been derived from myria sources.  It is designed as a body of material for those seeking to live in the SOLUTION.

Most of us are, to one degree or another, the product of the type of AA we come from.  The creation and assimilation of this material represents an ongoing commitment to grow in effectiveness and understanding as we learn to “create the Fellowship we crave.”  We recognize, through an unsuspected inner resource, a kindred spirit in our fellow travelers which makes for an enthusiastic journey.  We believe that “God will constantly disclose more to you and to us,” so we openly welcome any and all input or suggestions about this shared experience.  Hopefully, our conscious awareness is always growing.   

This gift of recovery is for fun and for free, so let’s DO IT!  And we encourage you to PLEASE read the following pages –  “Gresham’s Law and AA” –as it clearly describes some AA “turning points” and amplifies some important points we believe to be true. 


I now pray that I be given the capacity to set aside everything I think I know about God, about me, about my fellow man, about the Twelve Steps, and please allow me to gain a fresh new vision, perspective and understanding of what God, what me, what my fellow man and The Twelve Steps are all about.   AMEN.

We belong to the International Men's Do-It-Or-Die Step Application Group